Lite Dentistry

Lite Dentistry is an affordable and beautiful smile makeover package delivered in less time and with a light touch.

If the way your teeth look makes you feel unhappy Lite Dentistry is a new smile makeover option that is:

• Affordable
• Straightforward
• Quick
• Cosmetic
• Non-invasive
• High impact
• Beautifully tailored to your features

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Upgrade your smile and enjoy the many benefits of feeling more confident.

Lite Dentistry is designed for

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Cost effectiveness


Teeth straightening

First, we straighten your teeth and fix any small issues like minor overcrowding or gaps. We do this with Invisalign®, which uses clear aligner trays to move your teeth comfortably and safely into the new position planned digitally by your dentist.

They are almost invisible, so much more discreet than braces, and removable, so you can take them out to eat and brush your teeth.


A clear aligner used to straighten teeth.


Finishing touches

Then, we make some alterations to the shape, size and color of your teeth for the perfect finish. These final touches are quick and easy with high impact and confidence boosting results.

Composite veneers
Veneers are fixed onto your own teeth without cutting them down, giving the teeth a naturally balanced look.

Teeth whitening
Teeth bleaching brightens the teeth for a brilliant and polished smile.

Gum contouring
The gum line can be shaped to give the teeth a more harmonious appearance.


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It’s comfortable

With Lite Dentistry, you will have treatments that are minimally invasive and don’t harm your natural teeth.

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If the way your teeth look makes you feel like this right now, we would love to help you with Lite Dentistry.

We believe a confident smile hasa significantly positive effect on a person’s life.



More importantly, we care about how our patients say they feel after treatment.



Lite Dentistry