The human eye is finely tuned to spot the real from the fake

A young woman with long hair smiling happily to show her new smile after dental treatment with Digital Smile Design
A close up of natural-looking teeth
A close up of natural-looking teeth
A close up of natural-looking teeth
A printed model of a patient’s smile design


These little natural imperfections in real teeth prevent us from being too ‘symmetrical’ – and evolution prefers these little nuances. They show that we’re better adapted to deal with a wider range of situations (for example, did you know that most of us have an ear that’s better for hearing voices, and one that’s better for listening to music?).

But replicating the natural look, shape, texture and silhouette of your teeth is no easy task.

Like the skill of the finest sculptor, it takes the finest materials, a master craftsman and years of practice to get it right.

How do we make dental restorations look natural?

1. They’re in harmony with your face


Replacement teeth don’t have to look fake. We design them using your facial features as a guide – this way, they are the right shape and size for your face and unique smile.


2. They are not too ‘perfect’


Natural teeth aren’t perfect – they have individual imperfections, shapes and textures which give them their natural, healthy shine. We mimic these to give results which look like real teeth.

A printed model of a patient’s smile design

3. They are the right color for you


Having your teeth done doesn’t have to mean a neon-white smile. We use modern ceramic materials to give you replacement teeth in a shade that looks natural for your face.

A set of dentures in a glass of water

In the past, replacement teeth were purely functional. Dentures got the job done but bore little relationship to the shape of your mouth, face or even the teeth that they replaced. It’s still the default treatment option for many.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

 Two photos of a patient showing the difference between a natural smile and a very bright white smile

Digital Smile Design trained dentists understand this. They know that too much symmetry looks fake and manufactured.

That’s why natural imperfections are the goal in all DSD restorations.

An intraoral scanner with an image of a patient’s teeth on screen

How do we create natural-looking results?

We understand and respect nature, so that’s always where we start. Unlike more traditional protocols which use computer simulations, or a lab technician with a limited repertoire of his own creations, we take inspiration from real, existing examples of human teeth.

A patient looking at the design of their new smile on the Digital Smile Design app

We have a unique suite of tools and technology that lets you see how a smile will make you look – to yourself, to others and to the world.

So you can see your smile before any treatment takes place, we create a 3D simulation on screen. We’ll try as many configurations as it takes to arrive at a smile that truly enhances your face and gives you complete confidence.

So, given the choice, what would your decision be?

A young woman smiling confidently after her dental treatment with Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design will give you a restoration with life-like quality that sits beautifully in your mouth.

A new smile that you can preview before a single procedure takes place.

Doesn’t that make you want to smile?

 A young woman with her eyes closed smiling to show off her new smile after dental treatment with Digital Smile Design.

You’re five steps away from life-altering confidence.

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