Fact is, first impressions are sealed with a smile.

What makes some people appear attractive? Trustworthy? Confident? And others shifty, lacking confidence or even aggressive?

Smiles are way more powerful than you might think. They can reveal far more in a split-second than words ever could.

Before and after photos of a young man with his Digital Smile Design smile


Subconsciously, every shape generates an impression - from cars to buildings. It’s the same with faces. There are four basic face shapes - each related to a different character type - and each of us has a dominant one.

But, interestingly, sometimes this shape doesn’t match our true personality. We might have a dynamic-shaped face, but a calm personality!

A dial shows how your smile can balance your internal character and external appearance

The smile is a powerful link between our internal character, and our external appearance. Until now, you were under their spell - unable to change how they looked. But now, our clinicians give you the chance to choose a smile that really shows the world the real you.

So the question is - what do you want to express with your smile?


A flowchart showing the three steps to a harmonious smile
Four pictures of faces which represent the four temperaments defined by Greek physician Hippocrates

Your Temperament / Character

Thousands of years ago, the Greek physician Hippocrates described how all humans had one of four main temperaments or personality types:

  • Melancholic (Oval): Organized and a bit of a perfectionist. Reserved, introverted, artistic.
  • Sanguine (Triangular): Extroverted, impulsive and communicative. Unpredictable and enthusiastic.
  • Choleric (Rectangular): Strong Leadership. Passionate, faithful, brave and not afraid to take risks.
  • Phlegmatic (Square): Diplomatic and discreet. Spiritual, peaceful and able to keep calm in a crisis.

Four drawings of the four basic face shapes: oval, rectangular, triangular and square

Physical Characteristics

Why is everyone’s smile different? Surprisingly, it’s not just about your teeth. We smile with our mouth, or face and our soul. It’s this unique combination that makes our smiles as individual as we are. So let’s start with our face. Did you know there are four basic facial shapes?
The study of how the shape of our faces relates to our personality is called Morphopsychology. Take a closer look - which face shape most resembles your own?

Four pictures of the four basic tooth shapes and the temperament they align with

Tooth Shapes

And it doesn’t stop with the face. Our mouths, lips, and the subtle changes to our tooth alignment, shape, colour and size can all make a powerful impression on the way others see us, and the type of character we portray.