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We believe in the power of technology to reveal your healthiest and most
confident smile. Unlike traditional dentistry, we push technology to go further.
At every step of the way, we harness the amazing developments and endless
possibilities of technological advances. In ways that might surprise you.


State-of-the-art laser printing gives you the chance to 'test drive' a prototype in your mouth before you commit to any treatment. We believe every patient deserves to test drive their proposed treatment and visualize their new smile.

A photo of a man before he has dental treatment with Digital Smile Design
A photo of a man which shows the Digital Smile Design simulation of his new teeth
An image of the Digital Smile Design mock-up which patients can try on over their teeth to see and experience their new smile
A photo of a man test driving his new Digital Smile Design smile

The entire process is designed so that you’re able to see, feel and experience what your new smile ‘feels like’. This is why we call our work Emotional Dentistry - because when you try out your new smile, it’s a life-changing moment.

Dentistry that starts with a conversation

Before we even begin any treatment, our suite of computer simulations and ‘virtual’ tech allows us and, more importantly, you, to experience your new smile and the treatment journey. A fully interactive 3D model based on precise, to-the-millimeter, measurements gives you your first glimpse of just how transformational your new smile could be.

A photo of a young woman sat in the dental chair in a dental clinic, smiling at her dentist

Technology with a human heart

Our ground-breaking therapeutic options help us select the solution which best suits both the physical dental requirements and the patient's emotional objectives. This means patients, in general, usually require fewer appointments and ensures procedures are more refined, and more accurate: reducing discomfort and downtime.

A futuristic image of a human heart


We use precision scanning equipment, measurement tools, design tools, simulation, and CAD/CAM software to accurately capture the mouth, teeth, gums and entire facial structure, before we plan a treatment regime. That’s because we understand one crucial truth - a real smile comes from our
whole being. Tech helps us to see the bigger picture, make better decisions and deliver treatment with remarkable accuracy.

A photo shows the Digital Smile Design process of the smile simulation and then the mockup

Connected to collaborate

With every case, we use technology to communicate with the world’s foremost dental technicians and smile designers. Because we work better when we work together. Our collaboration connects us across locations all over the world. This means your dentist’s decisions are backed by a panel of experts from all specialisms.

Lots of bright lines show technological connections all around the world

Always learning, always pushing forward

New dental technology is advancing at such a pace that, year after year, DSD dentists continue to learn new skills, invest in new equipment and adopt the latest techniques and best practices that are reshaping the digitally-connected dental world. From artificial intelligence to intraoral cameras through to 3D printing we integrate the best new dental technology, to make our protocol future proof.

A dentist uses dental software on a computer screen to look at a model of teeth