Our 5 standards

DSD Clinics are always patient first

We know that feeling comfortable and confident at your dental clinic is the crucial first step towards getting treatment that is right for you.

While every DSD Clinic has its own unique identity, you can be sure to find an atmosphere that puts your comfort first. Making sure you feel relaxed and at home involves the subtlest of details in the clinic decor, to the background music, to the 100% personalized service.

When it comes to treatment, the first step is always to get a real understanding of who you are and what you’re looking for. No procedure will begin until we get to know you, your history and your dream for your new smile.

A man with a beard and moustache smiles broadly and happily to show his new teeth after dental treatment.

DSD Clinics are qualified

Reaching DSD Clinic status requires intense study and training that factors in not just treatment but also patient experience and the ambiance in the clinic. That’s why attending a DSD Clinic is your guarantee of exceptional results.

DSD Clinics also collaborate with a team of experienced smile designers and treatment planners at the DSD Planning Center in Madrid. This means that your dentist works alongside professionals from diverse dental fields to give you the best results. 

The DSD Clinics certified badge.

DSD Clinics are unique

Not every dental clinic is a DSD Clinic. Working with Digital Smile Design shows your dentist’s commitment to the latest advances in dentistry and dental technology – always with a focus on how these will benefit you and your treatment.

DSD Clinics use technology to give you your best smile

We use technology to give every patient their healthiest and most confident smile. By combining digital and technology with our patient-first approach, you receive dental treatment that is comfortable, precise and often completed in a shorter time frame.

A dentist at a DSD Clinic sits with a patient in a treatment room and shows her a scan of her teeth on the screen of an intraoral scanner.

Technology helps us to achieve all
of this for you:

An icon of a computer screen showing treatment planning software.

Precision planning

With precision scanning equipment and measurement tools, we take an accurate look at your whole mouth and facial structure to understand your needs in-depth before treatment planning begins

An icon of a patient with a broad smile.

A custom smile design

We then incorporate this precise digital information into our design and planning software. This means that we can create a smile design that meets your needs and suits you down to the smallest features and proportions of your face.

An icon of a computer screen showing a set of teeth.

A preview of your new smile

We want you to be confident in where treatment is going, so we use computer simulations, interactive models and a 3D-printed ‘trial’ smile to let you experience how your new smile will look and feel before your treatment starts.

An icon of a broad smile.

Natural results

You don’t want a fake-looking smile, and we don’t want that either. We always replicate the forms, shapes, textures and colors of real teeth when we create your dental restorations to give you a smile that looks natural.

An icon of a digital tooth.

Precision treatment

We plan your treatment digitally before replicating the same plan precisely in your mouth. This means that in general, procedures are completed faster and more accurately, and can be more comfortable.

An icon of two hands holding a tooth.

Reduced discomfort

Technology lets us bypass some of the more uncomfortable parts of dental treatment. For example, we use digital anesthesia to numb your mouth more precisely, and mouth scanners instead of messy impression paste.

DSD Clinics do Emotional Dentistry

At DSD Clinics, we understand that a smile needs to be right for your physical dental requirements but also your emotional goals. Our aim is to give you a smile that reflects your personality, character and confidence, but also a positive experience in getting there.

Smiles come from the soul, and when your smile represents the real you, it can change your life.

Cartoon style text that reads: 'Your smile is your superpower'.

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