Composite bonding

Enhance the look of your teeth with composite bonding – a quick, pain-free and simple cosmetic treatment. Schedule a consultation today at your nearest DSD Clinic.

A patient showing her teeth with composite bonding

Why choose composite bonding?

If you are unhappy with the look of your smile, composite bonding or dental bonding is a straightforward treatment that can change the look of your teeth.

It involves adding and sculpting a tooth-colored composite resin material directly on your teeth.

Composite bonding vs porcelain veneers

Composite bonding and porcelain veneers are both cosmetic dentistry treatments that can enhance the look of your smile and change the color, shape and size of teeth.

Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to the front of teeth.

A composite bonding smile treatment

Tooth contouring

Tooth contouring, or teeth reshaping, is another treatment that involves making minor changes to your teeth to alter their shape and size. It can enhance the look of teeth that are chipped or uneven.

Tooth contouring involves removing a very small amount of your tooth’s outer layer using a drill or a laser with local anesthesia.

Ask us if tooth contouring could be right for you.

How much does composite bonding cost?

The price of your treatment will vary depending on your unique smile needs. 

Your dentist will discuss the cost of composite bonding with you in detail before any treatment goes ahead.

We also have options for payment plans and dental insurance that we can discuss with you in detail.

DSD Clinics do composite bonding near you

Our experienced dentists do this cosmetic treatment with the benefit of Digital Smile Design. This gives you:

A trial smile

Before any treatment begins, you will be able to preview how your new smile could look on you!

Tailor-made results

All our dental treatment is designed to suit your own face and facial features, so you know your smile is 100% made for you.

Natural-looking teeth

No fake-looking teeth! Our composite bonding treatment is designed to give you a smile that looks beautifully natural.

the plan

My 3-step plan for composite bonding

Find a dentist who does composite bonding near me

Discuss the best option for you and see your ‘trial smile’ before any treatment begins.

Start my treatment

Receive a custom treatment plan that shows you exactly what to expect.

Love your smile!

Feel confident about a new smile that is made to suit you.

Ready to get started?

There is a DSD Clinic nearby that can help you achieve your most confident smile with dental bonding. Schedule a consultation today to chat with an experienced dentist.