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Our dental offices are certified Invisalign providers who can straighten your child’s teeth with Invisalign. Schedule a consultation at your nearest DSD Clinic to learn more about Invisalign alternatives to braces for teenagers.

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Invisalign treatment for teenagers

Help your child smile with confidence! Invisalign is a teeth straightening option for teenagers who have mild crowding or spacing issues with their teeth.

Invisalign aligners give children a clear, discreet and removable alternative to braces so they can straighten their teeth and correct orthodontic issues while continuing to enjoy their daily life. 

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Easy payment options for Invisalign Teen

Our dental offices offer Invisalign teeth straightening for teenagers with payment plans and financing options.

Ask us about monthly payment plans to spread the cost of Invisalign and help your child achieve their new confident smile.

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Looking for Invisalign options for adults?

Why choose Invisalign for teenagers at a DSD Clinic?

Our experienced Invisalign dentists offer Invisalign for teenagers with the added benefit of Digital Smile Design. This means they will get:

A ‘trial smile’

Keep their treatment motivation high with a preview of how their new straighter smile could look before treatment begins.

A custom-made smile design

Give them a natural-looking, confident smile. We design their new smile to suit their own unique facial features - so it will be 100% made for them.

A smile they love

Help your teenager love their smile! Once teeth straightening treatment is complete, we can do a scale and polish to keep their teeth clean and shiny.

What else do you get with Invisalign for teenagers?

the plan

How does Invisalign for teenagers work?

Find an Invisalign dentist near me

You and your child can attend an Invisalign dental clinic in your area to find the best Invisalign option for them and see their ‘trial smile’.

See their progress

Your child will wear their clear aligners and attend regular dentist appointments to monitor the movement of their teeth.

Watch them smile with confidence!

Enjoy your teenager’s newfound confidence in their smile and help them protect it with custom-made retainers.

Find out more about teeth straightening for teenagers

Help them achieve a confident smile. There is a DSD Clinic nearby that can straighten their teeth with Invisalign.