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Get back the look and function of your smile with dental implant treatment. Find your nearest DSD Clinic to explore your options.

Middle age man smiling and showing his new smile

Restore your smile with dental implants

Do missing teeth take the joy out of life? Dental implants are a long-lasting teeth replacement option that could help you eat, talk and smile with confidence.

Looking for dental implants and
implant-supported dentures for seniors?

Dental implants​

Whether you have one missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, dental implants might be the right solution for you. Your local dentist will explain your options before you decide to go ahead with any treatment.

Wisdom teeth removal

If you are having trouble with your wisdom teeth, wisdom tooth extraction is often necessary. Get in contact to learn more about wisdom tooth removal at your local dental office.

How much do dental implants cost near me?

Prices vary depending on your needs and the treatment you have. You can discuss the exact cost of full mouth dental implants, a single dental implant or any other option with your local dental implant dentist to help you find the best price for you before any treatment begins.

Our dental offices offer dental implants with payment plans and in-house financing options to help you restore your smile sooner.

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Get your most confident smile with implants

Our dental offices do dental implants with the benefit of Digital Smile Design. This means you get:

A pre-treatment trial smile

There’s no need to imagine your new smile with dental implants! At our dental offices you can preview how it could look before any treatment begins.

Treatment you can trust

Your treatment is all planned out in advance using digital planning software, and we place implants with the help of technology to make your results precise and predictable.

Natural-looking results

We use technology to design your crown or bridge to be naturally beautiful and fit in with the rest of your teeth. Plus with modern ceramic materials, the color and texture will look natural, not fake. 

Do you have dental anxiety?

Our dental offices can offer sedation dentistry for treatment such as dental implants and root canals to make you feel more relaxed. It’s one of the many things we do to offer comfortable treatment that is pain free.

Teeth replacement at any age

We do dental implants for seniors and young adults.

Middle age woman smiling and showing her dental treatment done
Middle age woman smiling and showing her dental treatment done
Senior woman smiling and showing her dental treatment done
Senior woman smiling and showing her dental treatment done

the plan

My 3-step plan for dental implant treatment

Find recommended dental implant dentist near me

Schedule a consultation at your nearest DSD Clinic for a full implant assessment and your own ‘trial smile’.

Follow my custom treatment plan

Your local dental implant dentist will help you find the best option for you and show you what to expect at every stage.

Smile with confidence

Enjoy all the benefits of a healthy, beautiful and natural-looking smile with implants.

Want to know how dental implants could change your life?

DSD Clinics are in multiple locations worldwide, and there is a dental implant center nearby that can restore your smile and your confidence with dental implants.